sdRNAi Starter Kit

sdRNAi Starter Kit


Validate and optimize sdRNA delivery to your specific cell line and media.


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sdRNAi starter kit contains 5 nmols (100 uM water solution) of each of:

  1. Cy3-labeled sdRNA against MAP4K4 (human, mouse, rat)
  2. GAPDH sdRNA (human)
  3. Non-Targeting Control (NTC)

Fluorescent Cy3-labeled MAP4K4 sdRNA allows direct visualization of sdRNAi delivery to cells and measuring the efficiency of transfection. Same sdRNA may be used to measure MAP4K4  gene expression knockdown.

GAPDH sdRNA allows measuring of GAPDH knockdown

NTC is used as a non-specific control for evaluating specific silencing of your target gene.

sdRNAs are added directly to the cell cultivation media at desired concentration.

Recommended starting conditions for any cell line is standard (use phenol red free media for imaging) containing 2-5% serum, 1 uM sdRNA and transfection time for 48-72 hours.